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Melissa is a talented artist hailing from western Canada whose passion for creative expression was evident from a young age. Her love of nature and the natural habitat has always been a significant influence on her work, and by the time she was 17, Melissa’s painting style had evolved into a stunningly vivid form of realism.

 Driven by a strong desire to expand her knowledge and expertise in the arts, Melissa pursued a BA in Graphic Art and Design graduating in 2005. Her digital art training proved to be a game changer, allowing her to incorporate a modern, graphic feel while retaining aspects of her eye for landscape, nature and still life.

 As Melissa has claimed South Florida as home for the last 8 years, her love for the culture and lifestyle that Miami brings, is reflected in her latest paintings. 

Melissa’s artwork has been sold worldwide, with collectors in New Zealand, Canada, Europe and beyond. Her unique, vivid pieces aim to tell a story and bring viewers into her artistic vision. As an avid traveler, Melissa is constantly seeking to incorporate her new experiences of different cultures into her art work which allows her to bring fresh perspectives and techniques into her art and challenge herself creatively.

Melissa’s passion for art and her commitment to personal growth are evident in her work. She continuously seeks out new methods and techniques to challenge herself as an artist. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to capture the beauty and essence of her surroundings make Melissa an exciting artist to watch in the world of fine art.

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